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    • 3 piece precision head
    • Takes standard Double Edge blades
    • Well-designed handle with a slip-free grip

    If you're going to shave today, make sure that you give your face the love and care that it deserves with the Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor, Faux Ivory and Nickel Plated. This classic shaving essential for men offers style, convenience, functionality, and just about everything you loved about the previous DE series.

    It is equipped with Edwin Jagger's traditional three piece precision head that provides a pleasurable experience to veteran wet shavers around the globe. This razor has an ideal weight and length to prevent you from exerting too much effort while trimming away your stubbles. Worried that your blade might leave your face all scarred and irritated? Say goodbye to these worries , as its blades glide evenly on your skin, leaving behind a smooth and handsome post-shave face. For best results, apply a thick lather of shaving cream or soap first.

    This shaver has a well-designed handle that offers a steady grip, even if your hands are wet. The imitation ivory offers a simple, calming appeal. A layer of nickel protects the product from wear and corrosion.

    • Total Length: 3.7in / 93cm
    • Handle Length: 3.3 in / 83cm
    • Razor Weight: 226g / 8oz

    Made in England

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