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    One of the first things you are likely to notice with this case is the beautiful hand stitching. It indicates the quality of the piece, and you'll quickly realize that if you have Mach 3 or Fusion razors, the Edwin Jagger Hand Stitched Leather Travel Case is the ideal choice for you. Even though you might have your own stand for the handles and blades at home, you don't have that luxury while traveling. Who wants to pack up their stand and take it with them? This works far better. Just pack up your grooming equipment in there, and you can travel with them easily.

    The piece looks great and it will last a long time. It closes easily and stays closed thanks to the handy magnetic fastener. Traveling is easy, and you can be sure that you always look great whether you are on vacation or traveling for business. The last thing you need is to head out with a neglected face. Grooming is important no matter where you are, and this piece from Edwin Jagger makes it easier.

    Be sure to note that this comes with just the case, and you would have to purchase the razors separately.

    Made in England.

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