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    Have you been changing the way that you shave? If you've been trying to get back to the 'old school' method of shaving with higher quality razors, cream, and oils rather than the fast food version with cheap plastic razors and astringent lather, then you have probably started using a shaving brush. If you have, then you also know that you need to dry it properly. One of the best and simplest ways for you to do this is with the large Edwin Jagger Imitation Ivory Drip Stand. It makes it easy to hang it with the bristles pointing down so it can drip dry.

    This option, with a 27mm opening, makes it nice and easy to keep it dry. The stand fits right onto your countertop thanks to the design. Of course, you could always hang it onto a vertical surface if you would like thanks to the adhesive pad on the back. The stand has a simple look that's aesthetically pleasing and never intrusive or over the top compared to the rest of your d´è_cor. The ivory color should fit in well with quite a few different types of bathroom designs as well. Of course, you could always choose black if that is more to your liking.

    Made in England.

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