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    You are sick and tired of dealing with a wet shaving brush sitting on your bathroom counter. Putting it on paper towels just isn't doing it, and you need a better solution. That solution comes in the form of the small Edwin Jagger Imitation Tortoise Shell Drip Stand, perfect for smaller brushes. The opening on it is 21.5mm, so make sure it works with your brushes before you order.

    Use It the Way You Need

    You have two options when it comes to how you use the stand too. You can put it on your counter as is, thanks to the simple design. You could also use the pad on the back. It's adhesive and it makes it easy to affix it to nearly any vertical surface. This drip-dry option becomes a good and cost effective choice. It is a nice way to help improve your shaving experience even further.

    The color ' tortoise shell ' should work for many bathrooms out there. However, if it is not your style and does not fit in with the rest of your d’©cor, you have plenty of other options that you can try as well. Find the one that works the best for you.

    Made in England.

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