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    When you start buying accessories for the proper grooming of your facial hair, you need to make sure you are buying the best quality possible and that you actually have all of the items you need. One of the things that many people forget is to have a nice stand for their razor. Without a good stand, it would just sit on your counter or in a drawer. Many razors today are things of beauty, so make sure you do your best to show them off in style.

    The Edwin Jagger Nickel Plated Razor Stand will work well for most types of single razors, but it tends to work the best with those that have a similar color to the nickel plating, just so they go together better from an aesthetic standpoint. It does work with many styles, but it does not fit those in the DE series that have shorter handles. It is the stand made specifically for Mach 3 or Fusion razor, metal, chrome plated.

    It is a fine choice for straight blades whether they are closed or you leave them open to dry. This product looks great, and it really can add that touch of authenticity to your grooming experience. Also, having a stand is just plain nice as a means to hold your blade in style!

    Made in England.

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