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    If two heads are better than one, what will a set of three get you? The Edwin Jagger Cooling Menthol Shaving Soap Refill 3-Pack is a great option for wet shave enthusiasts that love things on the cooler side. The menthol in this soap provides a wonderful chilling effect. Perfect for summer or those of you polar bears.

    For more than 25 years, Edwin Jagger has grown because of its tradition of providing a great shave with style and natural ingredients. When you just can't get enough of that cooling menthol and need a refill, opt for this product. The three pack will keep you stocked for months, most likely over a year. It's a smaller sized puck, so it will fit smaller bowls. Need help finding a match? Give our customer service a call for expert advise on your wet shaving supplies.

    Customers rave about the old-fashioned shaving soap lathered up with a badger brush. Works great in a bowl or lathered right on your face. Then, use a quality safety razor or straight edge to get a smooth and close cut shave. Finish with your favorite aftershave, and your mug will look a whole lot better.

    Paraben and paraffin free and 99% natural ingredients. Made for all skin types.

    Size: 3 x 65g

    Made in England.

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