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    • Bespoke quality shaving brush
    • Loaded with Finest Badger hair
    • Carbon fiber, black/orange


    With products like these, your friends are sure to envy your shave. Check out these limited-edition brushes from Utah artisan Nathan Clark of Envy Shave. Nathan began his love of the lathe back in high school; he went on to study under some of the best instructors around the world – Australia, England, USA. When he was introduced to wet shaving, he knew he could meld his hobbies to create heirloom quality, luxurious shaving goods. Check out Envy Shave brushes!

    This brush is loaded with Finest Badger Hair. Badger hair is prized by wet shavers for its water retention, firm backbone, and soft face feel. You get all of that with this Finest Hair. From the soft white tips (which feel great on your face) to the contrasting dark bottom (with its great backbone) to the water & hear retention, you get a great knot at a great price.

    This hair is inserted into an exclusive, limited edition handle. The whole labor-intensive process is done by hand at Envy Shave, starting with the raw carbon fiber. Hours of work goes into hand laying the fiber, hand carving the brush, and hand polishing it to perfection. This base shape fits nicely in the hand.  It is topped with a band of black. Then it boasts Envy Shave in orange. There is nothing like this on the market today (and with its low production, it will likely be out of stock more than it is in.)

    Handlaid by Nathan Clark

    Knot Size: 25mm

    Made in the USA

    Click on any of the below videos to start playing our Shaving101 videos about Shaving Brushes.

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