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    • Traditional shaving cream
    • With coconut oil
    • Scented with matcha tea


    Esbjerg is an Austrian retailer based in Vienna. They are committed to bring only the best brands to their customers. So, that means when they put their name on it, it means something. In additional to some of the most luxurious brands the world has offer, they also carry their own branded aftershave cream and shaving cream.

    This shaving cream is saponified in a traditional and complex process to bring you the unique texture of a classic shaving cream. Loaded with coconut oil and essence of rosemary & sage, you get a wonderful lather with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. Use your hands or a brush to work the cream into a dense, frothy lather. Let it rest one or two minutes and then shave.

    As part of their Zen Collection, this aroma just might strengthen your health while you are shaving. You get the herbaceous notes of green tea leaves -- and also the wonderful health effects. Let it work wonders on your skin. . .  and your mood.

    Size: 100g

    Made in Austria


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