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    • Shaving balm
    • Non-alcohol
    • Scented with tobacco

    Manuel Garcia, aka JabonMan, is creating something special. In a wet shaving world where artisans are producing amazing soaps all over, it can be hard to stand out in the crowd. However, Eufros does just that. For a seemingly obscure Spanish artisan, Manuel is starting to make waves. And West Coast Shaving is proud to be the first and only US online retailer to offer it.

    Manuel products are simple and effective. A little bit of this balm goes a long way to refreshing and soothing your post-shave skin. They are not greasy, but smooth and conditioning. They absorb quickly and the scent stays with your into your day. Get the matching shaving soap as well.

    Manuel gets lots of love for his scents even though he doesn't reveal all the notes in his scent profiles. This tobacco aroma is for pipe tobacco lovers. Slow down and revel in the fragrance. Like a rocking chair on a front porch or an armchair in wood-paneled library, this one is for relaxing.

    Size: 75ml

    Made in Spain

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