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    • Professional grade folding straight (shavette) razor
    • Replacement blades change easily (no stropping or honing)
    • Pearl, plastic handle and head are completely sanitizable.

    For over eighty years, Feather has been honing, crafting, and innovating blades for use in beauty, medicine, and industrial use. You can't go wrong with their quality, precision, and aesthetic. Check out Feather Artist Club DX Folding Pearl Razor, the ultimate in replaceable blade straight razor shaving.

    The DX razor is a stainless steel version of the iconic Artist Club folding razor. The steel is SUS316 stainless steel for exceptional performance and beauty. It enables smooth shaving and resists heat, chemicals, and impurities. The head holds a disposable blade. With a spring-mounted, one-touch mechanism, switching out blades is simple and easy. Whether you need a fresh blade for each client or want to keep your shave sharp, you can load your razor with any of four blades (Professional, Super, Light, and Pro-Guard).

    The handle is a pearl white plastic that resists heat to 275*F so it can be disinfected and sanitized. The folding razor allows the head to nest into the handle to protect the blade between uses. The Feather name winks from the handle with a holographic, rainbow effect. The whole razor is autoclavable and disinfectant safe to ensure a safe, clean shave.

    This Feather Artist Club DX Folding Pearl Razor is recommended for barber or professional beauty use, so wield with care.


    • Handle Length 4.96in/126.2mm
    • Razor Blade length 1.91in/48.5mm
    • Full length closed 5.85in/148.6mm

    Made in Japan

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