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  • Professional grade straight (shavette) razor
  • Replacement blades change easily (no stropping or honing)
  • Blue, elastomer handle and head are completely sanitize-able.

Feather = sharp! Throughout the wet shaving world, Feather has become synonymous with high quality, sharp blades. And they also produce high quality, professional grade razors as well. Try Feather Artist Club DX Japanese Razor, part of the ultimate replaceable blade straight shaving system, and see why they are so in demand.

This fantastic razor is made of SUS316 stainless steel. This high quality metal enables smooth shaving and resists heat, chemicals, and other impurities. The spring action head allow quick and easy replacement of the blade so you have a sharp, sanitary option for each shave or each client. Simply pinch the razor head and the blade will drop out - quick and easy.

The handle is a powder blue an elastomer, heat resistant resin, which provides excellent grip and control. This razor is autoclave-able and disinfect-able.

Four different Feather replacement blades (Professional, Super, Light, and Pro-Guard) allow you to adjust the shave to suit your skin and beard. Get Feather Artist Club DX Japanese Razor and shave like the pros.


  • Handle length 3.58in/91.0mm
  • Razor blade length 1.93in/49.0mm
  • Full length 6.04in/153.5mm

Made in Japan

  • SKU: SR-FEA-F125230
  • Type: Straight Razor

Feather Artist Club DX Japanese Razor

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