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    William T.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product
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    My Favorite Razor

    Gave my son my Feather AS-D2 as begins his wet shaving journey .... I lasted about a month before I had to buy a replacement! That is how much I love this razor.

    Jon M.
    I recommend this product
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    A fantastic yet mild razor

    I've used many different razors over the years. I had my technique set to muscle memory with those razors, so shaving was pretty much instinctive to me by the time I got my Feather. This was actually my biggest hurdle when I first picked up the AS-D2. For the life of me, I just couldn't get a good shave out of it at first. However, after switching back to my old razor for a while, I decided to give the Feather a second chance. After sticking with it for a bit, I eventually got my technique down with the Feather. Due to the different angle required to get a good shave with it, I had to re-wire my brain a bit to get it to click. Once I got it though, the AS-D2 has become my daily shaver over the past several years. The fit, finish, weight and balance of the AS-D2 is near perfection. When you hold this razor, it really feels great in the hand. I'm now getting excellent shaves out of it with little to no skin irritation. While the shave is not as smooth as I was getting with something more aggressive like a Futur, the lack of skin irritation more than makes up for this. While expensive, I have no doubt that this razor will remain in my possession for many more years to come.

    Trevor S.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product
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    Incredibly high quality razor, mild, safe shave

    This razor has the best blade alignment of any razor I know of. There are 2 long bars and 4 corner tabs all work together to hold the blade in perfect alignment. This makes it incredibly consistent and difficult to cut yourself or cause irritation. Second, the blade exposure on this razor is very low. It is very hard to irritate or cut your skin with this razor. At the same time, it takes more skill and a higher angle (45 degrees) to get a close shave. Even then, I do not get a perfectly smooth shave there is still some stubble left, but I do not mind this. It is better than having irritated skin. This is a lifetime quality razor for those who want a nice, mild shave with excellent consistency and performance. I highly commend using Feather blades in this razor due to the low blade exposure you should use a sharp blade to cut the hair. This razor was designed with that in mind. As a final note, the razor head fits most other razor handles so if you don't like the handle you can change it.

    Edward i.
    • Value for Money


    I'm brand new to DE safety razors. However, after using the Feather AS-D2 with Feather blades for the past few weeks I can understand why it is referred to as the Rolls Royce of DE safety razors.

    Richard D.
    • Value for Money

    This is part of the Feather "system"

    I started with an English razor and a variety pack of blades from WCS. I noticed that the blade didn't stay straight in the razor and that the last pack i tried were Feather blades. After all the stuff on the net about "be careful or you will slit your throat, i was nervous trying the Feather blades. I just let the weight of the head do the work and i immediately became a fan. I now use the Feather A2 razor and the combination of the Fether razor and blades, together with Geo Trumper per-shave oil and Bond Street shave cream allows me to get a months use from one blade and nary a nick or other unpleasantness. The thing that is different about a Feather razor is that there are two small bars that keep the blade in perfect alignment. The Edwin Jagger had two pins that allowed a sloppy fit so the side that stuck out further than the other side would nick you. The Jagger is good value for 40 bucks American, but if you only want to buy a razor once in your life time, the Feather is the razor for you. They also have a very inexpensive travel razor that seems to work well too, but don't leave a blade in it for a very long time. I would buy the same razor again if something happened to mine (like stolen). WCS is a standup company to buy all of the products i mentioned and use every morning.