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    • Award-winning styling tool
    • Uses replaceable blades (both Standard & Texturizing)
    • Great for trimming men's neckline

    Feather has long been at the forefront of sharp grooming utensils, and now they have spearheaded the styling razor revolution with their Feather Black Styling Razor.

    This award-winning tool is used by over half a million stylists world-wide. The ergonomic grip has finger hole and thumb rest for perfect execution. The black handle is slick and modern-looking. But it is the cutting performance of these blades that is second to none. The blade fits snugly into the handle without slipping or knocking. And the blades can be changed out to meet the sanitary demands of professionals.

    This means a fresh blade whenever your need it. Both standard styling blades and texturing blades can be used. Changing the blades is safe and easy when you use care. These blades have a patented guard to make it safe for you (and your clients, if you have them). This razor works great on cleaning up the neck line and finishing details after a shave. Always hold parallel to the skin and move in short, gentle strokes.

    This professional tool gives professional results: Feather Black Styling Razor.

    Made in Japan

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