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  • Case for holding used Feather Styling Razor blades
  • White with red lettering
  • Release razor head so you never have to touch the blade

Feather = sharp. If you've been in the wet shaving gig for even a little while, you've probably had an encounter with this little truth. Jatai International, maker of Feather products, is world-renowned for their sharp blades and exceptional grooming and styling utensils. If you've gotten hooked on any of the Feather Styling Razors, then you also need this handy Feather Blade Disposal Case.

The clean, white case with red lettering has a very sterile, almost medical feel. Assuring you that you (and your fingers) are safe if you use this simple device. When you have a used blade that needs to be changed, simply place the razor head into the slot on the top of the container, pull the razor toward you, and the blade will release and drop into the case. You never have to touch the blade.

Safety is so important when dealing with blades this sharp. So take advantage of this handy, inexpensive tool. No more blood, sweat, and tears (literally) when changing your blades! Works on all Feather Styling Razor blades.

Get this Feather Blade Disposal Case!


  • Length: 63.6 mm
  • Width: 43.3 mm
  • Height: 52.6 mm

Made in Japan

  • SKU: OP-FEA-010
  • Brand: Feather
  • Type: Shaving Accessories

Feather Blade Disposal Case Bank

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