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    • Advanced, professional level hairstyling razor
    • Thin, lightweight, with impeccable balance
    • Replaceable blades


    Feather products are cutting edge, sharp grooming utensils. Feather is creating professional grade hairstyling razors, straight razors, and more. Their blades are mentioned constantly on blogs and forums for their insane sharpness. And this tool, the Feather Plier Razor, is one of their sharpest, most advanced devices. Only the pure at heart can wield this blade.

    This thin, lightweight razor has impeccable balance, high quality performance, and feel. They start with a black, non-slip grip that is comfortable for a professional to use all day. It is balanced perfectly with the guard-less blade. For absolute freedom in styling, "every possible cutting technique can be done accurately and proficiently without resistance" when you use this razor. It is recommended for expert use only.

    Like other professional grade tools, this one has the disposable blade. It allows you to keep a sharp blade in your razor without stopping to strop, sharpen, or hone. And it keeps things sanitary. Each client can have a new blade. All Plier Blades are unique to this razor and do NOT have guards.

    So go where others fear to tread, with Feather Plier Razor.

    Made in Japan

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