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30% OFF Summer Clean Up Sale!
30% OFF Summer Clean Up Sale!

Feather Plier Razor blades, 20 pack

SKU RB-FEA-F130100
  • Replacement blades from Feather
  • Works with the Plier Razor
  • Made in Japan

Feather is a company renowned for their razors and cutting implements. They set the standard in sharpness and safety for barbers and hairstylists around the world. One way to stay sharp is to get all your blades from Feather.

Their award-winning Plier's razor needs their Plier's hair shaper blade. This 20 pack will give you plenty of cuts even if you need to meet the exacting sanitation requirements for professionals. The razor is a thin, lightweight tool with impeccable balance (for the purests of razor cutters) and the blades are made to match. These do NOT have a guard so they come with a warning to be careful!!!

When you want creative freedom, exacting balance, non-slip grip, and lasting comfort, grab the Feather Plier Razor and a pack of replacement blades. You won't want to be without them!

Size: 20 pack

Made in Japan