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    • Curated shaving set from West Coast Shaving
    • Replaceable blade razor and sample blades
    • Shaving brush and sample creams

    Thinking about delving into the world of straight razor shaving? Hesitant about the cost? Wary about the learning curve? Here's a great way to try it out without breaking the bank. We've created a great set with a shavette razor (lower cost and maintenance), brush, cream sample, and blade sample pack. Get started today! Give it as a gift or treat yourself.

    • Feather Artist Club SS Razor, Black- For top-of-the-line quality and exceptional sharpness, you can't beat a Feather razor. Made of SUS317 stainless steel, this razor enables smooth shaving. The rounded head gives optimal blade exposure and a "soft" shave experience. The roundness pushes down gently on the skin to disperse pressure at the tip, making the shave less damaging. And you can keep your shave sharp by changing out the blades. No stropping or honing with this shavette-type tool. The enamel handle is made from a synthetic resin that resists heat up to 275*F. And the razor folds to nest the blade in the handle for safety and protection for the blade.
    • Feather AC Professional Blade 20-Pack- Designed for use with the Feather Artist Club razors, this-professional blade"´è_ is perfect for general beard growth removal. It is similar to a 4/8"´è_ or 5/8"´è_ size traditional straight razor.
    • West Coast Shaving Lantern Shaving Brush, Synthetic, Black - We've loaded this brush with a unique, new fiber that is taking the shaving world by storm. One of the first to truly rival badger hair for comfort and performance, it is cruelty-free and lower cost than badger. The soft bristles have a fantastic face-feel and whip up an exceptional lather. And the man-made fibers are easy to care for and long-lasting. Our "Lantern" handle is a black resin with a flared base. Deep, dark, and curvaceous, this stout brush will enhance your daily shave. The traditional handle is perfect to grip in wet environments.
    • Best Sellers Shaving Cream Sample Pack - Here it is! The sample pack you've been waiting for. We've complied all of West Coast Shaving's bestselling creams into one phenomenal package. Try the classic, old favorites that have been protecting men's faces for years. Or some newer offerings that have buzz on wet shaving forums. (6 different creams)

    Size: 4 item set

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