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    • Exceptional lather producing bowl
    • Hand-dipped glazed black and gray
    • StaticHole technology for bowl storage

    Every wet shaver knows that building the perfect lather takes a little bit of practice, a little bit of skill, a little bit of patience and the right lathering tools: cream/soap, brush, and bowl. Let Fine Accoutrements make your perfect lather easier to create with their thoughtfully designed Black and Gray Lather Bowl.

    Form and function meld into the perfect mix with this wonderful complement to your shaving routine. This bowl is designed to produce exceptional lather and stores easily. (It is best to use this device with a pre-loaded brush or a dollop of cream, as it is not intended to store your soap.) The bottom has low profile "ribs" which help to aerate your lubricant and create a great froth. The bowl sits easily in your palm and has a convenient thumb hole to keep your grip in wet, soapy conditions when you don't want to drop your stoneware. The handle also acts as the perfect brush holder when you need a place to put it between passes of the blade.

    This thoughtful grooming essential also has StaticHole Technology that allows you to hang this bowl in your bathroom and save valuable vanity space. (The photo showing this feature is of the red/white bowl. The bowl you are purchasing is black/gray.) The underside is cleverly embossed so your functional item becomes decorative. Fine produces this Black and Gray, hand-dipped colored glazed grooming requisite to provide a contrast with the white cream. Additional two-toned marvels come in Red and White and Blue and White to enhance your decor.


    • 7.125"W x 2.125"H Including Handle
    • 5.125"W x 2.125"H Not Including Handle

    Made in Thailand

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