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    • Thoughtfully designed bowl to give you an exceptional lather
    • StaticHole technology
    • Built in brush holder

    Like many wet shavers, you are probably deeply impressed with a foamy mug of luxurious lather. Well, one indispensable item in creating the perfect shave is the perfect vessel. Fine Accoutrements has designed their bowl from the ground up to give you a thoughtfully formed and stylishly crafted grooming requisite.


    • Grip - When you are working in a wet, soapy environment it is imperative that you have a good hold, especially when you are working with delicate stoneware. The handle of this utensil has a convenient thumb hole to help you maintain your grip while you hold it in your palm.
    • Texture - Providing texture to the bottom helps to aerate your soap or cream and create the froth you are looking for. This bowl features low profile "ribs" for just that purpose.
    • Brush hold - Since your shaving routine will often require multiple passes of the blade, it is important that you have a place to safely stow your brush until such time as you need to reapply a little more lubrication. The handle of this Fine accoutrement is also an integrated brush holder - perfect for resting your brush so it doesn't slip into the foam.


    • Storage - Space is limited in most of our shaving dens, so the ingenious StaticHole technology of this bowl is forward-thinking. It is built with a wall mounting hole perfect for hanging on a hook in your bathroom. It keeps your vessel safe, off the vanity, and provides decoration. The bottom of the bowl is embossed and suitable for display.
    • Color - This red and ivory bowl adds a bold pop to your bathroom decor. The bright interior red provides a nice contrast to the white cream. The hand-dipped, glazed bowls come in a number of two-toned colors, including Black and Gray and Blue and White.

    Build the perfect foam with the perfect bowl.


    • 7.125"W x 2.125"H Including Handle
    • 5.125"W x 2.125"H Not Including Handle


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