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Fine Lather Bowl, Ivory and White

Sold out
  • Thoughtfully designed bowl to lather your soaps or creams (not for storing pucks)
  • Ivory and White with clean, distinct lines
  • With StaticHole technology

Maybe you've never given much thought to your lather bowl, but the good people at Fine Accoutrements have. Now, you get to enjoy the benefits of their thoughtfully designed and exceptionally crafted vessel. This ivory and white bowl will enhance your shave and your bathroom.

Designed to produce prodigious lather, this utensil will complement your shave as the low profile "ribs" aerate your cream to frothy heights. The handle has a convenient thumb grip so you don't lose your stoneware to slippery hands while you are whipping up your lubrication. And what do you do with your brush while you conquer those whiskers with aplomb? You might need a helpful home to rest it on, right on the handle of this ingenious device. Now your brush won't slip into your lather or make a mess of your vanity.

Speaking of your vanity, that real estate is pretty prime, I'm sure. So what do you do with your grooming accessories? Well, this one can be hung on the wall and out of your way with StaticHole Technology. (Image shown of this feature is red, but the product you are purchasing is ivory.) The underside of the bowl is even embossed with decorative writing so that your functional item becomes a decorative delight.

All of their bowls sport two-tone, hand-dipped colored glazes for a clean, distinct look . Get it also in Black and Gray to complement your bathroom decor.


  • 7.125"W x 2.125"H Including Handle
  • 5.125"W x 2.125"H Not Including Handle

Made in Thailand

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Ron K.
  • Value for Money

A lather machine!

I used a small smooth bowl before I purchased this fine lather bowl. What a difference! The fine lather bowl produces more and thicker lather in less time and effort than anything I've ever used before. The handle with the shave brush rest is genius. It fits my west Coast Shaving beacon synthetic shaving brush perfectly. And what a great combination! The bowl and brush, a lather machine!!!

Razor B.
  • Value for Money

Simple yet effective!

The Fine Lather Bowl is my go-to lathering bowl. Light weight and made from sturdy materials, this lathering bowl with its statit hole technology allows you to produce endless lather with little effort.

Barrett B.
  • Value for Money

The Not-So-Obvious Shaving Essential

Being a Northeasterner, I've noticed that my favorite shaving soap seems to work at its best during the warmer months of the year, while a good shaving cream was ideal around Winter. Makes some sense, but I also realized that working up a,lather straight from a shaving-cream bowl wasn't the most efficient way to work, and that I was going through a bowl of the stuff a bit faster than necessary. Some had recommended a scuttle, but nothing I found on offer really appealed, so I assumed I'd just have to roll with what I had. Until now. The Fine Lather Bowl seems deceptively simple at first, and you might look at the price, since, and ask " who're YOU trying to kid?" But I decided to "take one for the team", if you will...and I'm hear to say the hype is real. From the raised ribs inside the bowl that aid in whipping up a fast lather (just dio your hot-water-soaked brush with a dab of your fave cream and start stirring), to the weight of the thing, light enough to hang on your bathroom wall (via the handy hole in the handle), but weighty enough to stay put while twirling your brush single-handed - no need to steady the bowl with your other hand. The upshot: you may not absolutely *need* this, but if you value your shave ritual, AND want to get more shaves from every bowl of cream (or even shave soap), you'll want this. Hot Tip: pour hot water into the bowl and let your brush soak for a minute or two, then pour the water out prior to lathering. This not only preps your brush for lathering up, but the bowl retains heat for the duration of the shave...a big deal if you're into multiple passes.

Gayle S.
  • Value for Money

Fine Lather Bowl

I got this lather bowl as a gift from my Brother. Like the description says the ribs help in whipping up a robust lather! Nice size and good handle.