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    • Synthetic shaving brush from Fine Accoutrements
    • Loaded with a miraculous fiber dubbed "Angel Hair"
    • Throw-back red & white handle


    Do you hear that? Choirs from heaven are singing the praises of this synthetic hair shaving brush from Fine Accouterments. Dubbed "Angel Hair" this brush does seem to be miraculous, and Fine is happy to be among the first in the world to offer this type of knot. You can experience it in this Fine Shaving Brush, Angel Hair, Red and White.

    It's just like a Fine product to meld the best of the past with the best of the present. In this case, you have a traditional-looking handle, modeled after the EverReady C40 Shaving brush that used to reside on the shelf in every corner drug store. It is a 100% soft resin handle in red and white. The bottom is stamped with the Fine logo "for a fine shave".

    But into this old-school handle is loaded a new fiber, one of the first to truly rival badger hair for comfort and performance. Cruelty-free and lower cost than badger, you might be tempted to believe Mr. Fine sold his soul to the devil to accomplish this feat. Reviewer Chris said, "The bristles are the softest thing I've ever felt! The lather it makes is motion picture perfect! But the greatest thing is it passed on its divine softness to my face! . . . I love my silvertip badger but I'm pretty confident this little gem has it beat in performance!"

    Give yourself a gift from on high, with Fine Shaving Brush, Angel Hair, Red and White.


    • Knot: 20mm
    • Loft: 56mm
    • Handle: 52mm

    Made in China

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