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    • Unique, pantented brush by FM Brush
    • 3D head with textured, stippling effect
    • Synthentic, faux badger hair

    H.I.S. Shaving brushes by FM Brush were some of the first to revolutionize synthetic fibers in men's grooming. Now they are back with another unique proposition. The H.I.S. 3D Metro features a unique, patented design.

    This product features. . .

    • the full, 3D head with a textured cut for exfoliation, lather production, and maximum surface area coverage.
    • one-of-a-kind, proprietary, cutting-edge Faux Badger Techno-Synthetic. "Looks like a badger, feels like, performs like a badger, but it's not badger".
    • anti-microbial fibers to prevent bacteria growth.
    • Extra soft tips that make shaving a dream.
    • 100% handmade brushes, not mass produced.

    This fantastic requisite should care for your daily shaving needs with minimal upkeep. Simply wash your grooming essential frequently with a mild anti-bacterial soap and rinse until completely clean. Allow to air dry. The modern, slim, black, tube-shaped, metal handle provides an easy grip for lathering.

    Revolutionize your shaving routine with a stand-out brush.


    • Knot Size: 23 mm
    • Loft: 45 mm
    • Overall Height: 105 mm

    Designed in New York, Manufactured in Thailand.

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