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    • Handmade brush by FM Brush
    • Synthetic, faux badger head
    • Traditionally-shaped, black acrylic handle

    Get the best of the present with a nod to the past. FM Brush makes H.I.S Shaving requisites and you aren't going to want to miss their 3D Retro Brush. With its sleek handle and synthetic head, it is revolutionizing the shaving routine.

    • Product features: All H.I.S 3D Retro's contain a one-of-a-kind synthetic - Faux Badger Techno-Synthetic. This cutting edge fiber looks, feels, and performs like a badger. It provides superior lathering, exfoliating, strength, consistency, and backbone.
    • The extra soft tips glide on your skin to give you a dreamy shave.
    • The fibers are anti-micorbial to cut down on bacterial growth.
    • They are 100% handmade, not mass produced.

    Caring for your synthetic grooming essential is easy. Just wash frequently with a mild anti-bacterial soap. Massage gently into the hair and rinse completely. Allow to air dry. The traditionally shaped handle in sleek, black acrylic will endure water better than its wood counterpart. You have a brush that will last a lifetime.

    Get the quality of the H.I.S 3D Retro brush in your morning routine.


    • Knot Size: 25 mm
    • Loft: 45 mm
    • Overall Height: 110 mm

    Designed in New York, Manufactured in Thailand

    Other Resources

    Fits the following stands:

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    OP-WCS-312 --- $14.99 --- West Coast Shaving Stand 312, Chrome
    OP-WCS-313 --- $14.99 --- West Coast Shaving Stand 313, 30mm, Black
    OP-WCS-314 --- $19.99 --- West Coast Shaving Stand 314, 30mm, Rosewood
    OP-WCS-315 --- $14.99 --- West Coast Shaving Stand 315, 30mm, Chrome
    OP-Ome-206 --- $17.00 --- Omega 27mm Gold Shaving Brush and Razor Stand
    OP-EDW-RH9L --- $7.00 --- Edwin Jagger Imitation Ivory Drip Stand, Large
    OP-MER-775 --- $24.25 --- Col. Conk Chrome Safety Razor Stand
    OP-WCS-250 --- $19.99 --- West Coast Shaving Stand 250
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