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    • "Techno-synthetic" badger brush
    • Compact and capped for travel
    • Black, acrylic handle

    If you want a brush that looks like a badger and performers like a badger, but isn't a badger -- then here you go. FM Brush company manufacturers custom brushes for companies and professionals, and they have turned their hand to a line of shaving brushes just for you.

    Made with a proprietary "techno-synthetic" badger hair, this brush looks and feels like real badger. The silky smooth tips are soft to gently raise facial hair and exfoliate, but precise enough to work up a good lather. It can provide a superior wet shaving experience for years to come with its chic black acrylic handle.

    And its performance is enhanced by its defining attribute -- it is a compact, capped traveling brush. So, when you are on the go, so is your brush. Just cover that badger-like loft with the protective cap and you can get the shave you want, wherever you want.

    • Knot Size: 21 mm
    • Loft: 45 mm
    • Overall Height: 125 mm

    Designed in New York

    Made in Thailand

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