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For the discerning gentleman who values both performance and luxury in their grooming routine, Geo F Trumper Coral Skin Food stands as a testament to excellence. This versatile aftershave transcends the ordinary, offering a non-greasy glycerin-based formula that caters to both pre and post-shave needs. Its dual functionality ensures that it not only prepares your skin for a smooth shave but also nourishes and hydrates afterward, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and revitalized.

Infused with Rosewater, known for its revitalizing properties and anti-inflammatory benefits, this skin food addresses common post-shave concerns such as dryness and irritation. By retaining moisture and soothing the skin, it promotes a youthful and refreshed appearance. Geo F Trumper Coral Skin Food represents a departure from conventional aftershaves, elevating your grooming experience to new heights and reminding you of the importance of investing in quality products that deliver both style and substance.

Size: 500 ml

Made in England

  • SKU: AS-TRU-141258
  • Brand: Geo F Trumper
  • Type: After Shave

Geo F Trumper Coral Skin Food, 500ml

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