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    Feel fresh and smell fresh with the Geo F Trumper Eau de Portugal Cologne. This gentle and rejuvenating cologne is made from only the best and highest quality ingredients. The smooth, citrusy scent of lemon, which can uplift one's mood based on scientific studies, is fused together with the enticing aroma of bitter orange. This alluring fragrance is prepared from a tempting base made from musk, one of the most luxurious animal products in the whole world. This spray is also infused with extracts of Neroli essential oils. Known for its soothing and calming effects, the blend of Neroli essential oils can surely invigorate your busy and stressful days. This tantalizing fragrance comes in a handy and stylish atomizer, which lets you bring and spray on the best perfume, wherever you go.

    Disclaimer: This product is not available for distribution outside the continental USA. For customers in continental USA, delivery will be via land regardless of the option selected. This product contains alcohol, which is possibly hazardous for shipping. Item will be refunded and will not be shipped for international customers.
    Size: 50 ml

    Made in England.

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