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    Lather up and rejuvenate with this amazing product. You can't help but smile after you shave because your face will be soft and moisturized. This hard soap contains glycerin which lubricates your face and chin, giving your blade a smooth and safe glide across it. Every rub refreshes, making every shave free from bumps, cuts, or any irritation. Simply open the stylish hand-turned wooden bowl and smell the zesty fragrance, freshly squeezed from just the finest West Indian limes. Every time you lather this on, your skin will surely be soothed and refreshed, and your senses revitalized with the tangy aroma lingering in the air. Toss away your shaving and skin problem worries, experience the smooth and relaxing feeling brought by the Geo F Trumper Extract of Limes Shaving Soap in Wooden Bowl. Squeeze in the scent of fresh citrus to your grooming routine!

    *Refill is also available.

    Size: 80g

    Made in England.