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    There's nothing else to do but smile when you use the Geo F Trumper Extract of Limes Shaving Soap Refill. This rich and invigorating product is glycerin-based, which means it smoothens and lubricates to give your blade a slick slide across your face. Dryness won't be a problem as glycerin also helps in moisturizing. Every swirl and lather of this citrusy shaving soap refreshes your skin, giving you smooth shave free from any bumps, cuts, burns or any other irritation. Infused with extracts made from only the best West Indian limes, this will surely provide your face the fresh and soothing feeling it deserves! The scent is an invigorating burst of citrus, sure to bring life to any grooming routine. The cake is also shaped to perfectly fit into Trumper's stylish wooden bowl.

    Worry no more about skin problems and redness, take a deep splash and exhilarate into the tangy and zesty feeling brought to you by this amazing shave product!

    Size: 80g

    Made in England.

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