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    Are you always on the go? We all know that constantly moving will cause sweat. Constant perspiration will eventually lead to a nasty odor, which nobody wants. Can you imagine the looks of everyone around you as you raise your hand while delivering a speech for a business meeting and your wet, sweaty, repugnant armpit is displayed for everyone to see? How about being in a situation where you try to put your moves on a girl you're dating by putting your arms on her shoulder and she shrugs it off and gets totally turned off because your armpits are so damp and smelly? Don't let these embarrassing moments happen by getting the Geo F Trumper GFT Deodorant Stick. This travel friendly deodorant will surely prevent any bad smell from occurring anytime and anywhere. It is alcohol-free and triclosan-free making it very safe, especially for people with very sensitive skin under their arms. Its hypoallergenic formulation is enhanced by putting in glycerin and vitamin E. In addition to these health benefits, the energizing and refreshing fragrance lasts a whole day, which means no unwanted stench will linger around you.
    • Glycerin helps moisturize and helps the cells grow normally lessening the rise of any abnormality.
    • Vitamin E has antioxidants that keeps the skin looking younger and radiant
    Size: 75ml

    Made in England.

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