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    Wet-shaving made quick and easy. In today's fast-paced world, the modern gentleman is required to move quickly which would often leave him in utter disregard of his own needs. The Geo F Trumper GFT Shaving Cream Bowl is one of those things which is not time consuming but will still give you amazing results. You don't ever have to worry about missing out on a wonderful essential shave because this product lathers up so quickly that you can apply it immediately on your face. A pea-sized amount along with a little bit of water is more than enough to whip up a fluffy and smooth lather for your razor to glide through. Aside from the ease it gives for your morning rituals, this glycerin based product also promotes skin health. Glycerin has moisturizing properties which help remove skin dryness thus making your skin look smoother and younger. This shaving cream is also infused with unique and mesmerizing scent of the GFT fragrance which is made from a mixture of citrusy top notes, woodsy middle notes, and a light musky base.

    Size: 200g

    Made in England

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