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    Looking for the perfect product for the perfect shave? If you're tired of your typical slow-to-lather creams on the market, or your over-the-counter creams that are too pungent or irritate your face; then perhaps it's time to switch to one of better quality. The Geo F Trumper Rose Shaving Cream Bowl delivers such superb quality that it only takes a small amount to lather up and produce a rich and smooth froth for your razor to easily glide over. Formulated with glycerin, your face will surely be moisturized, smooth, and soft to the touch. It also comes with a subtle rose scent. Worried because you have sensitive skin? Worry not. This great product is made to fit every type of skin. So for men who are tired of looking for that shaving cream that suits your needs, this product will gladly end your search for you.

    Size: 200g

    Made in England

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