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    For men who are frustrated with their last shaving cream because it takes too long and requires too much product to lather up or isn't thick enough, then the GEO F TRUMPER ROSE SHAVING CREAM TUBE is the ideal product for you. Of superb quality, you only need a tiny amount to lather up quickly. It produces a thick and smooth coat for an easy swipe of your razor and a polished shave. It comes in a tomantic rose scent and is formulated with glycerin to keep your skin smooth and moisturized even after wiping the product off. It's also contained in a plastic tube so you have better control over how much product you need for each use. This means that your new favorite product will last you a long time and that you won't have to replenish too often. The Geo F Trumper Rose Shaving Cream Tube is suitable for men with sensitive skin as it doesn't cause skin irritation or other skin problems.

    *Also comes in a bowl.

    Size: 75g

    Made in England