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    Bring in the scent of the finest violets in the garden with you every time you shave with the Geo F Trumper Violet Shaving Cream Bowl. It has a subtle, earthy, powdery scent for that luxurious and comforting feeling. Choosing the right shaving cream can be a daunting task, especially when you have sensitive skin. With the Geo F Trumper Violet Shaving Cream Bowl, you won't have to worry about experiencing bumps, dryness, redness, or irritation with every shave. It is formulated with glycerine, a substance that lubricates the skin, making the razor glide with ease. Glycerine also aids in keeping your face moist, soft, and smooth which makes dryness and irritation a thing of the past. It comes in a simple but elegant screw thread pot. Only a small amount is needed to produce a creamy and thick lather for that slick, close shave you can see and feel.

    *Also available in a travel tube.

    Size: 200g

    Made in England