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    • Sharp, smooth razor blade
    • Fits all DE razors
    • 100 blade economy pack


    In 1900, King C Gillette said, "We'll stop making razor blades when we can't keep making them better." For over 100 years, Gillette has been innovating shaving. And while we might not all love their disposable, cartridge razors, we can't discount their contributions to men's grooming -- they are credited with helping create the DE blade. And so we offer these Gillette Silver Blue double edge razor blades.

    The Gillette Silver Blue double edge razor blades are well respected and somewhat hard to find. We finally have a consistent source and are happy to add them to our blade selection. Reviewers love them - sharp but not too sharp: they give a nice smooth shave. These stainless steel blades fit all standard double edge safety razors.

    20 boxes of 5 blades/box

    Made in Russia.

    Click on any of the below videos to start playing our Shaving101 videos about Razor Blades.

    Differences in Razor Blades

    Shaving with a Safety Razor

    5 Tips to Improve Your Shave

    The Benefits of Wet Shaving:

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