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    We have to say, we LOVE sandalwood! There's just something about it ' so rich, so exotic, it just speaks to us of adventure, mystery, and also, we have to admit, we find it incredibly sexy! It just doesn't get any better than when it's combined in a rich shaving soap. You'll get a one-pass shave pretty much every time, and your skin will feel as soft as a baby's ' well, you know!

    We don't think you can ever have too much Gold Dachs Shaving Soap, Sandalwood, and we're betting that the people who are up close and personal with you are going feel the same way. Of course, selfish men won't reveal the magic ingredient ' they'll keep this great soap to themselves. The more generous (which of course includes you, doesn't it?) will share with their buddies. Please don't keep it a secret ' after all, why shouldn't everyone smell this good? Some secrets really aren't meant to be kept!

    Size: 60g

    Made in Germany.

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