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    • Medium weight, lasting hold pomade from Grant's Golden
    • No shine, matte finish
    • Water based, easy to rinse out
    • Fresh and clean scent

    Still searching for that perfect pomade? Want hold without build-up? Texture without shine? Density without overwhelming fine hair? We got ya covered. Check out Grant's Golden Brand Pomade, Matte dressing. Made right here in the USA, Grant's Golden launched during the recession so they know a thing or two about helping consumers get their money's worth.

    This matte pomade is a medium weight product that has the benefits of a wax, paste, and cream - superb pliability and holding power. It performs just as well with a messy-piecey look as with a slick style. And if you like, your style can change as quickly as your moods. Just restyle with wet fingers or pocket comb. (You always keep one of those handy, don't you? If not, grab one here).

    It is great for all hair types, but it you have fine hair, you will really like that this pomade maximizes density without weighing down your locks. It works great on short hair. And if you shun the shine, you will love the matte finish with a clean, original scent. But perhaps the greatest feature is that this water soluble grooming aid washes easily out of your hair.

    A little goes a long way to keep your style rich and full -- and your wallet, too.

    Size: 4 oz.

    Made in the USA

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