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    • Small batch, artisan beard oil crafted in San Bernardino, CA
    • Loaded with conditioning, moisturizing, and strengthening oils
    • Scented with Bay Rum, with coconut after notes


    Would you rather die than give up your facial hair? Is your beard an inseparable part of your being? Then you are just the target audience for Grave Before Shave, Wayne & Heather Bailey's line of beard oils, balms, and other products. This small batch, artisan company got its start. . . well, at the start - the start of Wayne's life that is. He claims "I've been growing ever since I breached the womb and oxygen hit my face." Such a follicle prodigy needs room to grow, and as his goatee went to full-fledged beard so did his business. From Fisticuffs Mustache Wax to Grave Before Shave products, they are producing some of the finest beard care on the planet. And in partnership with artist Charlie Halstead the packaging ain't bad either! Get your pirate on with Grave Before Shave Beard Oil, Bay Rum

    GBS Beard Oils contain all-natural ingredients. So with the finest mixture of hydrating oils, you can condition, moisturize, and strengthen your face forest. And it doesn't stop there. Every beard needs a good beard oil because it also penetrates deep into the strands for healthy growth and beneath the strands for skin care as well. No more beard-ruff, irritation, itchiness, or drama

    And you don't need to pillage and plunder to smell like a pirate (unless you really want to). With this Bay Rum scented oil, you'll feel like you are sailing the seven seas to stash your booty on a desert island. The soothing coconut after notes really bring that tropical scenario into play. Comes with a dropper so you can apply directly where you want it. And the fantastic label boasts an unshaven, but clear beyond the grave, pirate to identify which oil you're using

    Avast, me hearties, and try Grave Before Shave Beard Oil, Bay Rum

    Size: 1 oz.

    Made in the USA

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