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    The only thing better than Haslinger Sage Shaving Soap is that very same product in its own bowl. Now all you need to add is a brush and some water, and you can suds up with the fresh, outdoor scent of wild sage. If your heart longs for the open range, songs around the campfire and some vigorous calf-roping, and you can do a truly outstanding John Wayne impersonation, then this is your fragrance ' or maybe you're just a guy who likes the smell; whatever works for you!

    Grab your brush, drop the disc in the bowl, run a bit of water, and make yourself a nice, thick lather. Then get ready for the closest shave outside of a barber shop!

    We probably should warn you, though ' women who love an outdoorsy smell are a) going to be all over you, b) stealing this soap for their own use, c) demanding that you never use anything else, or d) all of the above!

    Size: 60g; 59 mm diameter X 22 mm height

    Made in Austria.


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