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    Ever had a seaweed wrap in a spa? If you have, you know that seaweed is super-good for your skin, and if you haven't we encourage you to try it! Or try out this nourishing soap from Haslinger of Austria ' think of it as a little sort of mini spa treatment every time you shave! If you think you deserve to be pampered (and why shouldn't you?), this is one of the better ways to start off your day.

    You'll find that this Haslinger Seaweed Shaving Soap in Bowl works up quickly into a nice, rich lather, and you'll get a no-pull, non-irritating shave. If your skin is a bit sensitive, this is the product for you. We encourage you to be generous with it ' if your roommates ask to borrow it, it wouldn't be kind to say no. In fact, give them some for Christmas or their birthdays ' then you can keep yours for yourself.

    Size: 60g; 59 mm diameter X 22 mm height

    Made in Austria.

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