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SAVE 10% Off Our Top 10 Best Selling Shaving Creams & Soaps!
SAVE 10% Off Our Top 10 Best Selling Shaving Creams & Soaps!

Henson Shaving Aluminum AL13 Mild DE Safety Razor

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  • Mild aggression, three piece safety razor
  • Non-traditional, aerospace engineering with exacting tolerances
  • Available in 6 colors from the drop down menu

Henson Shaving has designed a razor that is state-of-the-art precision, made by an aerospace engineering and manufacturing company that makes parts for the International Space Station and Mars Rover. They set out to bring you a razor of exacting tolerances, and that is just what they did.

Recognizing that the design of most razors today leaves a lot of “wiggle” room, Henson Shave developed a passion to bring modern technology to this problem. Too much lee way in razors leads to “chatter” which produces razor burn, irritation, etc. Henson’s razor has reduced that with phenomenal engineering and machining. This AL13 is on the mild side of aggression so you can shave with ease.

The long handle has a lovely and functional knurled, to help you keep a good grip. Aluminum is light weight and allows for maximum maneuverability and precision. Get it in aircraft aluminum, rocket red, steel blue, purple, or black.

Size: 1.3oz