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Save 20% Off West Coast Shaving Brand Products.
Save 20% Off West Coast Shaving Brand Products.

Heritage Collection Ever Ready 3 Step Shaving Brush Handle

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Color: Green & Black
  • Recreated shaving brush
  • Choose color from drop down menu

This classic design from Ever Ready brushes of ages past is a favorite among wet shavers. With its stout shape and traditional lines, you can't go wrong with this in your shaving den.

This two-toned handle is great for face and palm lathers as it fits nicely in the hand. The rippled bottom has almost a beehive effect while the upper collar is stamped with "Ever Ready guaranteed". This is the handle only so you can choose your color and then fill it with your favorite knot. Pick from green & black or turquoise & black.  If you don't already have a shaving brush head, check out these great options from WCS: abyss synthetic3-band finest badger, and black tuxedo synthetic.

Size: 26mm knot

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