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Save 10% Off All Heritage Collection Shaving Brushes!
Save 10% Off All Heritage Collection Shaving Brushes!

Heritage Collection Shaving Brush Klenzo Gel Bulb Boar, Sky Blue & Cream

Sold out
  • Recreated vintage style brush
  • Sky Blue & Cream with silver lettering
  • Loaded with a bulb knot in boar hair. 

Description from the Vendor

26 MM Klenzo - Sky Blue and Cream with Lexus Platinum Silver Letters. Every detail was noticed when re-creating this one of a kind Klenzo Replica made from the B1004 model. This brush fits well in the handle and is sure to be a winner for most face latherers  who enjoy using a piece of history to start their shave.

26 MM Omega Boar. These boars are carefully transplanted by hand from the Omega 10098 boar brush into your new shave brush. The 10098 is one of the finest boar knots on the market and we now have a gelled version of it. 

About Heritage Collection Shaving

Heritage Collection Shaving is an up-and-coming shaving brush reproduction company. They are seeking to create reproductions of beloved vintage styles with modern materials and excellent value. Their attention to detail  -- from design to final product -- make for an exceptional user experience. 

Size: 26mm