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12 Days of Christmas | Day 9: 35% Off Basic Shaving Brushes
12 Days of Christmas | Day 9: 35% Off Basic Shaving Brushes

Heritage Collection Shaving Brush 26mm, Adoration

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  • Recreation of a classic shaving brush
  • Great vintage color to match your decor or your Shave of the Day
  • Loaded with badger hair

Heritage Collection Shaving Brushes are recreations of vintage brushes that experienced great popularity in decades past. Now, you can get that retro feel with modern materials. Each brush is meticulously replicated for modern shavers.

Badger hair is the large 26mm knot in this classic brush. Many wet shavers extol the virtue of this natural hair which seems made for whipping up a great lather. The loft is shaped as a bulb which is great for general lathering.

This Adoration handle was a contemporary of other popular Bakelite handles of 1930s & 40s, like CMON, Merit, and Rubberset. It has a tall, slender physique which makes it great for mug lathering but it works equally well for other types as well. You can get this handle in a variety of classic two-toned options: cream-over-black, cream-over-green, or cream-over-sky blue.

Handle Height: 81mm

Handle width at bottom widest point: 29mm

Width of ferule: 35mm

Depth of knot hole: 17mm

Width for knot hole: 27mm

Weight of handle: 53 grams