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30% Off Of Our Summer Clean Up Sale!
30% Off Of Our Summer Clean Up Sale!

Heritage Collection Shaving Brush 26mm, Albright Rubberset

  • Classic shaving brush in vintage design
  • Slender handle loaded with badger hair
  • Orange & Cream handle with a bulb loft shape

Grab a retro design with modern materials from Heritage Collection. This company is scouring the archives to bring you popular shaving brush designs from decades past. They redesign, update, and present them to you for your shaving enjoyment.

This shaving brush is loaded with badger hair, arguably the most popular natural hair options. This is because of its properties that assist in crafting a fabulous lather. The good water retention, backbone, and face feel are all benefits for wet shavers. The loft of this shaving brush is a bulb shape in 26mm. You can whip up a fabulous, ample lather in no time.

Albright originally released this brush in a wee 21mm. Since today’s wet shavers appreciate some more heft to their shaving brushes, Heritage Collection designed it with a bit more oomph. The design is perfect for bowl lathers as the base has nice grip for the tips of the fingers as you swirl your brush around the bowl. But it is great for any lathers - face/palm/etc.

Height: 64mm

Width at widest part of bottom: 36mm

Width at widest part of top: 38mm

Knot hole depth: 16mm

Knot hole width: 27.75 mm

Weight: 60 grams