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BOGO 20% Off On Taylor Of Old Bond Street. Use Code TOBS20

Heritage Collection Shaving Brush 26mm, Erskine 150 (8 variants)

  • Classic shaving brush in vintage design
  • Slender handle loaded with badger hair
  • Choose from 4 color combinations and 2 loft shapes

Grab your favorite brush from bygone days. Only possible through Heritage Collections meticulous recreations of vintage brush style.

This Erskine handle is loaded with a badger hair knot. At 26mm, it is a large loft capable of whipping up LOTS of luscious lather. It comes in a versatile bulb shaped loft for classic shaving excellence. Select colors (cream-over-blue & cream-over-red) also offer the option of a fan shape.

The Erskine company made brushes in the 30s, 40, and 50s. While Heritage made a few tweaks to this classic brush (moving the logo to the face to show off its iconic design), you can still enjoy this retro gem of a brush. Choose it in black-over-butterscotch, black-over-cream, black-over-green, cream-over-blue, cream-over-red, and orange-over-cream.

Height: 63mm

Widest point at base: 38mm

Widest Point at the top: 39mm

Depth of knot hole:17mm

Width of knot hole: 28mm

Weight: 62 grams