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10% Off Select Products from Ariana & Evans.
10% Off Select Products from Ariana & Evans.

Heritage Collection Shaving Brush 26mm, Hardright Solid

  • Classic shaving brush in vintage design
  • Slender handle loaded with Super High Density (SHD) badger hair
  • Choose your handle color & loft shape

Heritage Collection is making a shaving brush for the modern man who loves the vintage aspect of this classic shaving gig. Get shaving brushes from ages past but update for a new generation.

This handle is loaded with badger hair, a much-loved natural hair because of its ability to whip up a fabulous lather. The super, dense 26mm loft whips up a lot of froth.

Check out the Hardright handle. Modeled after the shaving brush used by barbers in the 40s. The original had a threaded head that could be screwed off and replaced to give each customer a fresh brush. Heritage has tweaked the handle just a bit for modern audiences - so no replaceable head. Get it in. . .

  • All Black with red letters with a fan loft.
  • All Black with green letters with bulb OR fan loft.
  • All Cream with red letters with bulb OR fan loft.

Handle height: 81mm tall

Widest point near base of handle: 33mm

Widest point of ferule: 36mm

Knot hole depth: 15.5mm

Knot hole width: 27.5 mm

Weight: 60 grams