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Buy One Aftershave, Get One Aftershave 20% Off. Use Code: BOGO20
Buy One Aftershave, Get One Aftershave 20% Off. Use Code: BOGO20

Heritage Collection Shaving Brush 26mm, Opal 250

  • Classic shaving brush in vintage design
  • Squat handle loaded with badger hair
  • Choose from 4 color combinations

Heritage Collection Shaving is crafting shaving brushes that celebrate the heritage of this ages old grooming process. They are recreating popular shaving brushes from decades ago. If you love the retro feel of classic shaving, you will really dig this brand.

The Opal 250 is a short squat brush, perfect to fit into the hand for face or palm lathering. It is loaded with a badger hair knot to ensure that you can whip up a respectable lather in no time flat. This knot has a bulb shape to hold all that wonderful lather.

This stubby brush handle offers a solid base to stand upright while you shave -- ready for a second pass of lather. You can get the two-toned shaving brush in four different combinations to suit your decor or personality or preferences. Choose from black-over-green, cream-over-red, green-over-cream, or blue-over-cream.

Height: 55mm

Widest part of base: 40mm

Widest part of the top: 41mm

Knot hole depth: 17mm

Knot hole width: 28mm

Weight: 63 grams