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Buy One Aftershave, Get One Aftershave 20% Off. Use Code: BOGO20
Buy One Aftershave, Get One Aftershave 20% Off. Use Code: BOGO20

Heritage Collection Shaving Brush 26mm, PLYMOUTH 5

  • Classic shaving brush in vintage design
  • Slender handle loaded with Super High Density (SHD) badger hair
  • Choose from 4 color combinations

Retro design, modern methods. If you love the vintage feel of classic shaving but want to break in your one brush, then check out the shaving brushes coming out of Heritage Collection Shaving. They are crafting replicas of some of the past decades most popular designs, but with modern materials.

This Plymouth 5 shaving brush handle is loaded with badger hair - often considered the best hair of whipping up a phenomenal lather. Badger hair has great water retention and backbone to make lathers a breeze. And the super dense 26mm knot is a large option to really produce and hold a lot of lather.

The handle has a slender silhouette. Because of its height, it is particularly good at mug lathering, but it can do it all - face/palm/bowl lathering - as well. You can choose your handle: cream-over-amber in bulb shape or fan shaped head, cream-over-blue in bulb shape, or cream-over-green in bulb shape.

Handle height: 84.5 mm

Handle width at bottom widest point: 29 mm

Width of ferule: 35 mm

Knot hole depth: 20 MM

Knot hole width: 28 MM

Weight: 53 grams