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Buy One Aftershave, Get One Aftershave 20% Off. Use Code: BOGO20
Buy One Aftershave, Get One Aftershave 20% Off. Use Code: BOGO20

Heritage Collection Shaving Brush 26mm, SIRVIS 5

  • Traditional shaving brush
  • Retro handle with 26mm badger knot
  • Choose from 3 different color combinations and 2 knot shapes

Fall in love with classic shaving all over again as you check out these retro inspired shaving brushes from Heritage Collection Shaving. They are using modern methods but with vintage designs. They are bringing back to life popular shaving brushes from decades past.

This Sirvis shaving brush handle boasts a badger hair head in a large 26mm knot. It will be sure to whip up a great lather with the wonderful properties of badger, from water retention to backbone. You can choose your knot in a fan shape or bulb shape.

If you are looking for an extremely rare handle style, then check this out. Sirvis model barber handle brush is so rare that there are only a few still in existence. And one is owned by Heritage Collection Shaving so they can bring you the most detailed replica they can. Choose it in one of the two original colors: cream-over-ruby or cream-over-yellow amber. Or get it in Heritage Collection’s popular cream-over-tsavorite green.

Handle height: 84.5 mm

Handle width at bottom widest point: 29 mm

Width of ferule: 35 mm

Knot hole depth: 20 MM

Knot hole width: 28 MM

Weight: 53 grams