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25% Off WCS Honeycomb Shaving Brushes
25% Off WCS Honeycomb Shaving Brushes

Heritage Collection Shaving Brush 26mm, Star/Kambro

  • Classic shaving brush in vintage design
  • Slender handle loaded with Super High Density (SHD) badger hair
  • Choose your handle color & loft shape

There is a long heritage to this wet shaving business; ergo, Heritage Collection. This company is reaching back in time to bring forward classic, retro shaving brush designs with modern methods and materials.

This shaving brush is loaded with badger hair. Considered the best by many wet shavers, this natural hair is well-positioned to whip up a great lather. It retains water nicely to hydrate your lather at just the right pace. And it has good backbone and excellent face feel as well. It comes with a large, super dense 26mm knot so you can whip up ample lather.

Hardright originally made this brush for barbers. It had a removable threaded boar knot so that barbers could easily replace the knot on the fly and the logo was applied upside down so the barber could recognize it while it was hanging to dry. Heritage Collection has tweaked a few things for the modern, personal shaver. The bigger knot is popular with today’s wet shavers. And they streamlined the logo and put it rightside up. A brush to enjoy for years to come. You can get it in

Weigh: 60grams